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Last Fridays Outdoor Movie Night

I’ll never forget the night maybe 5 years ago when I was riding my bike home from work next to Duboce Park. It was one of those mythical San Francisco summer nights when people don’t have to be swaddled in sweaters, or I guess I should say puffer vests. They were playing Mrs. Doubtfire in the park and as I rode by an early ‘90s 22-MUNI popped up on the screen. The crowd went wild — woos and hollers, and f-yeahs. “Well, that’s the only people have been so excited to see the bus,” I thought, peddling past the fervent droves. This was a different era, pre-rideshares when people still had to rely on MUNI unless they wanted to splurge on a cab and were lucky enough to snag one. But more importantly, Robin Williams was still with us. Mrs. Doubtfire is a quintessential San Francisco movie that always brought on the feels, now even moreso, and it’s definitely one best consumed with others. So grab your blankets and head to Pier 39 this Friday night for just that. Before the show, take advantage of special giveaways and movie night discounts at participating businesses and cheer for MUNI when it rises over that hill.

If You Go:

When: Friday, July 28 from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Where: Pier 39, SF
Cost: Free


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