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New Mercantile Enhances Sausalito Marina & Enriches Retail Environment

Tides of the Bay.

A handsome new shop has opened along the Sausalito harbor boardwalk in the center of downtown Sausalito, bringing a refreshing face lift to a tired site and a captivating array of wearable and consumable goods, home décor and table top merchandise not available elsewhere in Sausalito.

According to the owner, who is a seasoned consumer retail veteran, the specialty shop is a “non-fisherman's wharf store”.  No bait, line or tackle….other than Rombauer Chardonnay!

Tides of the Bay offers nautical outerwear for men and women with Sausalito Yacht Harbor branding –– 100% cotton & finely embroidered –– tote bags and hats, as well as table top and home décor, including Simon Pearce glass. Ship models and succulents, faux florals (that you will swear are real) as well as unique gifts, all share space with gourmet foods and wines. Most of foods (olive oils, jams, cheeses & chocolates) are locally sourced and are perfect for a picnic or the galley kitchen. 

So whether you need a hostess gift (the store carries greeting cards and gift wrap as well) or wish to indulge for your own home, Tides (as the locals call it) has a wide selection from which to choose. Not to mention Rombauer Chardonnay for less than you pay at BevMo!

The space was completely remodeled and uses first generation redwood slabs as display tables; these rare first generation slabs are also available to order through the shop. Located right on the docks and over the water, it is located right next door to Marotta Yacht Sales at 100 Bay Street, offering stunning views of the sailboats and yachts swaying gently in the marina.

Tides of the Bay is attracting locals as well as the many day-trippers (tourists) in town. With coveted free parking in front of the store, locals can easily access the shop, as can all the boat owners in the marina. According to chamber of commerce representatives, Tides is the sort of high-caliber, unique merchandise – with a wide range of price points – that will enhance the local retail mix.  As they say, when the tides rise, so do all the boats in the harbor.

Open seven days a week, the shop typically operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., unless dog walks or late nights dictate otherwise! (415) 339-1300; tidesofthebay.com

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