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Giving Back

The pre-holiday season is the perfect time for a primer in generosity. Fortunately for us, there seem to be a number of givers in Marin, demonstrated by the impressive gifts and donations bestowed on county organizations this past year. We already mentioned the $1 million anonymously contributed to Marin Shakespeare at its May gala — here are three more gifts that are sure to keep on giving.


Local couple Marcia Barinaga and Corey Goodman (pictured) recently decided to bequeath their MALT-protected home, Barinaga Ranch, to the organization. “Our goal was to ensure that our ranch stays an active part of the West Marin agricultural community long after we are gone,” Goodman says. malt.org

Dominican University

Dominican received a record breaking boost of $12.5 million this year courtesy of Andrew P. Barowsky, chair of the university’s Board of Trustees. Barowsky, for whom Dominican’s School of Business is now named, was initially encouraged to get involved in the school by professor Francoise Lepage. Barowsky’s business partner, Albert Lepage, also gifted $5 million. dominican.edu

Marin Symphony

Marin Symphony, the county’s oldest arts organization, was given $250,000 by an anonymous do-gooder this past summer. “The gift strikes at the heart of the organization and goes far beyond generosity,” says music director Alasdair Neale. “It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Marin Symphony.” marinsymphony.org

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