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Fall into Arts

Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival

Trouble on Candy River. An Installation created entirely out of discarded plastic objects and comments -- both metaphorically and literally -- on the character of our modern condition.

Amy Pollman

It’s in its 58th year (unbelievably!) and it’s this Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21 at the Old Mill Park – 140 artists in a majestic Redwood grove. The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival is an intimate, casual and blissfully quiet walk through the woods with wonderful art at every turn. The bucolic creek side setting with sunlight filtering through the redwoods and all the beautiful art transforms the park into a magical forest of sorts.

In addition to the art, there is music provided by some of your favorite local musicians, a children’s entertainment area, and new this year, there will be five juried art installations along the creek: Charlie Callahan "See 4-Sail"; Jeff Manson "Temporary Headquarters, Driftwood Shack";  Mardi Burnham "Before the Old Mill";  Xander Weaver-Scull "Endangered Species"; and Amy Pollman "Trouble on Candy River" (pictured left). Should be interesting.

If you missed the Sausalito Art Festival, try to catch this one, or if you did do the Sausalito festival, indulge your artistic whimsy once again. You’ll see some of the same artists, but different artists as well. While the festival offers food and beverage for purchase, it’s also a great excuse to have lunch or an early dinner at one of the fun Mill Valley restaurants that are right there –– the Balboa Café, Vasco or Piazza D’Angelo.

Festival hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. each day and admission is only $10; $5 for seniors; children 12 and under are free. For more information: www.mvfaf.org.

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