View From Marin

IT’S ONE OF our favorite times of the year. The issue where we tip our hat to the greatest the county has to offer in everything from burgers, cocktails and salons to florists, parks and trails. In our “Best of the County” feature you’ll discover flavors and experiences you won’t want to miss.

We also present the second installment of our “Science of Aging” feature, by writer Ann Wycoff. The piece explains what the latest research, much of it being conducted right here in the Bay Area, is telling us about how to prevent cognitive decline, optimize digestive health and much more. If you are going to live longer, you want to age well, and we’ve got tips to help you do just that.

Speaking of aging well, we’ve got a look at five Marin businesses that have thrived over multiple generations. What’s the secret to long-term success? Writer Carrie Kirby finds out.

Up front we’ve got a look at flora and fauna exclusive to Marin County, a new location for a famous piece of recording equipment, the numbers on water rescues, and all you need to know about the renaming of the former Waldo Tunnel — along with a moving tribute to Robin Williams. Plus, we introduce you to the future of music sales in Mill Valley and a Tiburon man with an impressive collection of 1930s memorabilia.

In Destinations it’s all about Hawaii. Learn about what to expect from the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, held this month and next, and how to live the luxe life in Oahu.

We hope you enjoy the issue and squeeze all the fun you can from the last days of summer. And if you’re out and about at any of the top-notch Marin eateries, shops or parks we wrote about, be sure and say hi. We plan to hit as many as we can for seconds.