Holiday Windows and Pet Adoptions

In December 2010 I came home to a surprise, two surprises, actually — a pair of kittens named Hippo and Zippo. My then-boyfriend adopted the littermates from Macy’s holiday windows after catching a glimpse and not being able to shake the image of the black and orange mottled babies. Do I wish he consulted me on making this decision? Yes. Am I still happy that he went ahead and did it? Absolutely. Zippo almost immediately became Francine, and Frannie was the hellraiser who bore a hole in every “I’m not much of a cat person’s” heart. Inquisitive and dog-like, I’ll never forget the look on her face when I popped home for a minute only to rush out — you’re leaving already? You just got here. She also loved climbing up on my shoulder and nestling in, peering down and examining my homework. Hippo was daddy’s cat, but I respect that — we were friends, not best friends. The joy they both brought us was immense. If you’re looking for a fuzzy buddy, January 1st is the final day of the 30th annual holiday windows featuring some adorable (and adoptable) cats and dogs.

If You Go:
When: Friday through Sunday, December 30 to January 1 — check site for exact times
Where: 170 O’Farrell St San Francisco, CA 94102
Cost: Free

Editor’s note: Consider checking with your significant other before adopting. (pictured: Top: Hippo, Bottom: Francine)