Play Marin Scores Big at Electrifying Players’ Night; Renews Call for Sustainers Club Support

Tenisha Tate-Austin, Paul Austin, Katy Foster at Play Marin's Player's Night event in Sausalito
Tenisha Tate-Austin, Paul Austin, Katy Foster

The echoes of laughter and the joyful shouts of friendly competition still linger after Play Marin’s wildly successful Players’ Night on Saturday, April 27, held at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Sausalito. The annual fundraiser pulsated with an infectious energy that underscored the organization’s unwavering commitment to empowering Marin County’s youth.

Because Grown Ups Need Play, Too

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Marin Magazine was proud to partner with Play Marin for this impactful event, which served as a dynamic kick-off to its year-round fundraising efforts. Players’ Night offered a vibrant atmosphere where adults could reconnect with their inner child through a variety of arcade games. Dee’s Organic Catering provided delectable food, while Sausalito Liquors and Local Motion kept the refreshments flowing, with a special shout-out to East Brother Beers for adding their hoppy touch.

Beyond the Games: Bidding for a Brighter Future

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Players’ Night also featured a thrilling silent auction, overflowing with a diverse array of enticing items. Generous donors offered everything from luxurious vacations and rejuvenating spa experiences to delightful dinners at some of Marin County’s most celebrated restaurants. This outpouring of support not only added to the festive atmosphere but also significantly boosted Play Marin’s fundraising efforts.

While Players’ Night offered a night of fun and revelry, the true focus remained on Play Marin’s mission: to close the activity gap for Marin City youth. Since 2012, Play Marin has provided these deserving kids with opportunities to participate in sports, athletic programs, and enriching activities that were previously out of reach. This fosters inclusion and growth by creating a space where children from diverse backgrounds can learn and forge friendships through the power of play.

The Play Marin Sustainers Club: A Rewarding Investment

The Play Marin Sustainers Club is a community of passionate individuals who share a deep commitment to empowering Marin County’s youth. These dedicated monthly donors play a critical role in sustaining Play Marin’s transformative programs. Their ongoing support ensures continued access to athletic and adventure activities for Marin City youth, including summer sports programs, team endeavors like basketball and volleyball, track and field experiences, and even an annual snow trip.

Become a Play Marin Sustainer and Make a Lasting Impact

By joining the Play Marin Sustainers Club with a minimum annual commitment of $1,200, you’ll directly contribute to leveling the playing field and creating a brighter future for these deserving kids. As a Sustainer, you’ll experience the profound satisfaction of knowing your contribution makes a tangible difference in the lives of these young people. You’ll witness firsthand the power of play to foster confidence, teamwork, and a love of learning.

Why Give?

Imagine the joy on a child’s face as they score their first goal, the thrill of conquering a new physical challenge, or the camaraderie built through teamwork and play. These are the experiences Play Marin brings to deserving youth in Marin City.

Together, we can ensure that all children in Marin County have the chance to learn, grow, and thrive through play. Visit to learn more.

Photos: Courtesy of Play Marin

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Donna Glass

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