7,400 Reasons to Love Whistlestop [sponsored]

Whistlestop’s mission is clear: To promote the independence, well-being and quality of life for older adults and people living with disabilities in Marin County. We do this year round at our active aging center, through every single service and activity we schedule.

Seniors come to Whistlestop to thrive during the later stages of their lives. Their stories are inspiring and encouraging.

What’s not to love? I get to work with an incredible staff of dedicated people who day in and day out provide valuable human needs and services to Marin’s older adults and individuals with disabilities. Whether someone needs a ride, a meal, social connection, or information and assistance, our caring staff is there for them.

Whistlestop is fortunate to have active volunteers who support our efforts to ensure that every adult in Marin has the opportunity to age with dignity, independence, and grace. We like to share Wally’s story. Wally is a Meals on Wheels recipient and says Meals on Wheels saved his life.

"I wouldn't be able to go grocery shopping if it weren't for CarePool," says Ruth.

These words are from Ruth, who uses CarePool to go to the grocery store. She gets there with the help of her Whistlestop CarePool volunteer driver, Beth. Ruth calls Beth, “an added benefit to her rides.”

CarePool is the newest addition to our transportation family, and is funded through a New Freedom Grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Marin’s Measure B Vehicle Registration Fee Initiative and Marin General Hospital. CarePool provides rides to the grocery store and medical appointments to adults 65 years and older, who no longer drive. To use CarePool, call 415-454-0902. To volunteer to drive, email volunteer@whistlestop.org.

Rocking Whistlestock

Then there’s Whistlestock, Whistlestop’s second annual benefit concert. Whistlestock is our largest fundraising event of the year, and September 27 we’re going to rock out with Rock Pioneers of the 60s, including Imperial Messenger Service with Linda Imperial and David Freiberg, formally with Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Starship, and more; Barry (The Fish) Melton, formerly from Country Joe and the Fish; Sal Valentino from the Beau Brummels; and Lester Chambers and the Mud Stompers, from the world famous Chambers Brothers. Click here for more details, and to buy tickets!

One of the best things I love about my job is having the opportunity to personally thank the thousands of donors who support Whistlestop’s mission. The ranks of Whistlestop donors have grown significantly during the past five years. Without the generous financial support from the community we would not be able to manage the growth in demand for Whistlestop’s services.

Love my job? You bet I do. I can count 7,400 reasons every day.