Biscotti, Boys & Cars

Photo Courtesy of Biscotti & Cars

Okay ladies, listen up. This is where the men are: at Poggio in Sausalito (777 Bridgeway) this Saturday from 8-10 a.m. for the Biscotti, Boys and Cars event. It’s a tradition started by the late Martin Swig, an irrepressible vintage car enthusiast, and carried on by other auto aficionados.

The Biscotti & Car event at Poggio draws boys and their toys (as in classic cars) from all over the Bay Area the first Saturday of every month. Whether or not you’re a car-cultist, it’s a colorful, fun and entertaining event.

The feature car this Saturday, July 5, is a 1962 Lotus Elite. The Lotus is one of those sleek, low-to-the- ground, go fast cars that you have to jump into…I don’t recall that there is actually a door. Obviously, I don’t go to this event because I am not even remotely familiar with car makes and models. A car for me is merely a necessary evil that gets you from point A – B; Nascar, Laguna Seca, Infineon Raceway, the Grand Prix…not on my bucket list.

But this monthly soiree at Poggio is a great gathering and the cars that drive in from everywhere are truly delightful. It’s like a mini-one-morning car show on the streets of Sausalito. You can fantasize about driving off into the sunset in some cute little convertible two-seater with that handsome man in the corner. And you can sip a cappuccino and chat up the locals at the same time.

The City offers free parking for attendees across the street from Poggio in the Bank of America parking lot (City Lot 4) during the event. You’ll get to see other classic cars brought by attendees on display in Parking Lot 4 as well.

For more information about the event and the group you can check out

So ladies –– the Sausalito 4th of July parade on Friday morning this week is a hoot, but you’re not likely to meet the man of your dreams. You might have better luck if you cruise by Biscotti & Cars this Saturday, especially if you know what a carburetor is and can talk shop.