Dog-of-the-Month January: Lord Bentley

Marin’s dogs are a charming bunch – these much-loved pooches get to enjoy romping on some of the best beaches, chomp down on the finest dog treats and generally live the good life in our scenic county. There are so many of these beloved canine companions out there that we thought we thought it was time they get properly honored: presenting Marin Magazine’s dog-of-the-month.

We decided to start this off with a most distinguished pooch, Lord Bentley, a Scottish Terrier who resides in Sausalito with his master, Lynne Carey. Lynne says of her beloved Scottie:

“Sharing Bentley’s unconditional love, devotion, happy proud prance and endless energy continue to be one of life’s greatest gifts. We are all very blessed to have this special Royal Scot at our side!”


Lord Bentley with his owner Lynne on a trip to Carmel

Since Lord Bentley is an eloquent fellow, we decided to interview with him rather than speak to his owner. Here’s Lord Bentley in his own words:

1. Where did you meet your master?

My master drove to Southern California, where I had been born into a multi-color litter of six. I am her third very special Scottish Terrier. My two predecessors were both black. Her intention was to select my brother, a wheaten-colored Scottish Terrier. However, I picked her, so I was the happy 12-week-old puppy driving back to a new home in Marin!

2. What is the origin of your name?

‘Lord’ Bentley just seemed appropriate as I have been in charge from day one.

3. What is your favorite snack?

Carrots and apples.

4. Favorite places to walk?

First place is absolutely Stinson Beach. It is one of the few special places I am allowed to dig big holes. I also love the duck pond at The Presidio (where I have learned to quietly respect the ducks and geese), and the beach at Carmel, which is also good for digging. I love to travel, so I always keep my red ‘Bentley Bag’ packed and ready to go.

Lord Bentley in his younger days, ready to go in his ‘Bentley Bag’

5. Do you sleep in your master’s bed?

Well, I allow her to sleep on the big platform that I consider to be my bed.

6. Tell us something unique about you.

When I was just eight months old, I was in a special canine fashion show at the SF Design Center with over 40 other dogs. Each dog walked the runway and modeled custom attire, designed by our masters. I, of course, wore a Scottish kilt. This SF Design Center event successfully raised a significant amount of money for the nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence puppies to be therapy dogs for ‘special needs’ adults and children.

Lord Bentley in the canine fashion show at the SF Design Center

I have continued to visit Assisted Living Facilities and Rehabilitation Centers. I love watching everyone smile when I prance into the room, be it at home or out on a special visitation. I have been called a “ray of sunshine with a beard”. My associates call me “The Investigative Reporter”. I do not miss anything that is slightly out of order. I am not a barker, so when I send out an ‘alert’, you had best sit up, take notice and investigate, now!

For example, my focused barking at a baseboard once led to finding a significant amount of hidden mold, which had been unknowingly making my master very ill. Needless to say, we moved. Two years later, my growling at the shower at 3 a.m. alerted her to a drip coming from the shower light fixture. Historically speaking, the Scottish Terrier breed is representative of a dedicated ratter and badger hunter. Recently, I was awarded the ‘Ratter of the Year’ medal of honor, for sounding the distinctive ‘Scottie arooooh howl’ upon walking out on a friend’s low deck. Upon further investigation, an extensive (and elaborate!) labyrinth for little uninvited creatures was discovered underneath the deck. Under my watchful supervision, the deck was removed and replaced with a lovely stone patio.

I also have a very busy social schedule. For the past four years, I have had three exceptional young ladies, Nora, now age 12, and 7-year-old twins, Alice and Grace, under my extended family Royal Scot ‘Clan Protection Program’. I had the honor of being Nora’s winning soccer team mascot (however it was a little difficult at first to understand that I wasn’t supposed to chase the soccer ball down the field, that was her assignment). I love to supervise weekly after school tea parties (I am always hoping something extra yummy might fall off the table!) and I excel at commandeering red wagon rides around the neighborhood.

Lord Bentley as a soccer team mascot