In Celebration of Mothers

There is no denying how much our mothers do for us. My mother is one of the few people in the world who provides endless unconditional love and I know I don't thank her enough. She has seen me through my highs and lows and forgiven me for my adolescent ways. As a teenage girl, I can certainly attest to being less than a walk in the park on many occasions. The teenage brain is shown to be significantly less developed than an adult’s, a reason for their poor decision making, and daredevil behavior and in addition to raging hormones, and awkward transition years, there was a recipe for disaster. However, my Mom has guided me with her non judgmental hand every step of the way and Mother’s Day is the one day we dedicate to the woman who does it all.

Kick off your Mother's Day weekend by attending In Celebration of Mothers, a luncheon with a silent auction, a raffle of themed baskets, and added surprises. In addition, there will be bestselling author, Peggy Orenstein, speaking about her experience as a mother and journalist, as well as her newest book, Girls and Sex: Navigation the Complicated New Landscape, giving information about the tricky subject.

If You Go

When: Friday May 6 10:45 AM to 2 PM

Where: The Clubhouse at Peacock Gap, 333 Biscayne Drive in San Rafael

Cost: $100

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