Karen Benke at Book Passage

When’s the last time you received something in the mail other than a bill or a flyer to a store you’ve never seen –– Food 4 Less anyone? And before you say it, no, the Amazon packages you order while working don’t count. So even though getting wedding invitations is fun, wouldn’t be be nice to get something more personal in the mail? Karen Benke thinks so and has come up with a plan to bring that goodness into your life.

Benke’s book, Write Back Soon! Adventures in Letter Writing, offers limitless possibilities for connecting with your friends that include penning short postcard-size notes and other creative ventures. Did you know that you can mail someone a coconut as long as it has the proper postage? Find out what other self-contained objects you can mail and get ideas for fun things to include in letters to cheer up the recipient. As someone who is a big fan of letter writing, this book definitely resonates me, and honestly, as much I enjoy receiving cards, the satisfaction I get from mailing them and brightening someone’s day is even bigger. Call it insecurity, but it’s hard to feel bad when you’re making others happy.

If You Go:

When: Saturday, October 3 from 3:30–5 p.m.

Where: Book Passage Corte Madera

Cost: Free