Lasso the Moon at Old St. Hilary’s

What better way to celebrate summer’s close than with an outdoor excursion? And don’t worry; on this hike, there’s no risk of sunburn.

Dig out your hiking boots for a moonlit stroll through Old St. Hilary’s Preserve, led by Ranger Christin Lopez. The hike starts at 7 p.m., so you get to witness both the setting summer sun and the sparkling city lights. As you watch Marin transition from day to night, reflect on the transformations you yourself have undergone this summer. Or, if you’re not feeling introspective, just enjoy the company of others on this lovely 117-acre preserve. It’s a fairly easy trek, so all ages and leashed dogs are welcome! Water and snacks are provided, but be sure to pack a flashlight to catch a glimpse of the preserve’s nocturnal critters (and to minimize stumbles).

In some cultures, the moon represents the rhythms of time. Before swimsuits and suitcases are traded in for school uniforms and briefcases, take advantage of this chance to honor the summer season as its time in the sun comes to an end.

If You Go:

When: August 29 from 7–8:30 p.m.

Where: Old St. Hilary's Preserve, Lyford Drive, Tiburon

Cost: Free