Students are constantly trying to find meaning in their school work. As I sit in my weekly math tutoring session, “What’s the point of this?” seems to come from almost every high schoolers mouth at one point or another. I work for hours tediously racking my brain solving one impossibly difficult pre calculus problem after the next, the question still floats in my head. On the rare occasion I ask my Dad for math help, he stares at the problem blankly and remarks how he has never seen the material since he took the class over 30 years ago. Obviously some professions use more advanced math than others, but either way, students are having a hard time seeing the benefit in some of the subjects less interesting to them.

However, some Marin elementary, middle school, high school and College of Marin students are putting their education into real life applications. STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) is showcasing their students work through the Marinovators event. Some project themes are Solar Power, Space Exploration, Smart Cities, Digital Fashion, Future of Work and many more. Through this program, students are able to invest in their interests and present some amazing projects. It is programs like these that are making students realize the point of all their hard work. In addition, there will be keynote Speaker Ron Rosano presenting Space Flight For The Rest Of Us Innovations in Space Flight as well as a Marin’s Virgin Galactic Astronaut who will take viewers on a virtual journey to the Virgin Galactic Mojave Spaceport. This Saturday Marinovators is giving anyone interested the opportunity to check out where the next generation of innovators may take us.

If You Go

When: April 30, 2016

Where: College of Marin 835 College Ave Kentfield, CA

Cost: Free

Please be aware that events may occasionally be cancelled or postponed by the promoter. We always suggest you contact the promoter or venue to confirm for a particular day.