This past Saturday marked the 15th annual Trails Forever Dinner and the first ever after party, NightHowl. Organized by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the $100 ticketed event gave a younger generation of stewards a chance to mingle with other like-minded individuals and take part in fun and games. The “trail chic” dress code for the event, held at the Observation Post in the Presidio, paired nicely with the indoor/outdoor space boasting multiple fire pits and ample smores stations. Notable details including guests being asked to pose for Polaroid photos that were then placed on a large map beside your favorite park showed the care and thought that went into the planning. A DIY flower crown crafting station, live music, spicy pear cocktails and a retro bus photo booth highlighted the camper vibe theme and allowed guests lots of choices in how to spend their evening.

Wanting to try everything, I split my time between a round of giant beer pong, a weak attempt to build my own succulent crown, cozying up to a fire pit while being treated to a flash acapella performance, sampling every bar bite, and dancing the night away to DJ D Sharp — the official DJ of the Golden State Warriors. The best part? All proceeds go to the Trails Forever initiative which raises funds for habitat restoration and trail building. The worst part? There were not enough people! The Bay Area has always been known for its environmental bend, here’s hoping next year’s turnout is a reflection of that.