Sausalito Film Series Hosts Wildlife Film Forum

On Sunday, August 7, the Sausalito Film Series will continue at Cavallo Point with a special film forum on wildlife protection. The “Wildlife Awakening” program will feature three short films and interactive forums with specialists from each field.  The films explore the plight of the endangered Vaquita porpoise, elephant poaching in East Africa, and jaguars that are at risk as a species due to habitat loss. 

Souls of the Vermilion Sea is about the struggle to save the imperiled Vaquita porpoise — one of the worlds most endangered marine mammals found only in the northern waters of the Gulf of California. The numbers of these small porpoise are decreasing at an alarming rate; only 60 are alive today. The film is presented in partnership with the Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands — a world renowned rescue, rehabilitation, research and educational organization, as well as Wild Lens – a non-profit video production company committed to wildlife conservation.

Big Life in Action showcases efforts in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kiliminjaro region of East Africa to train local Maasai as rangers to prevent elephant poaching, protecting one of the largest elephant populations in an area of over 2 million acres. The story is a moving and inspirational example of how the Big Life Foundation has succeeded in developing programs where conservation supports people and people support conservation.

Path of the Jaguar is a stunning photographic portrait of these big cats and how their terrain in the Mamoni Valley Preserve in Panama is being threatened (and thus their survival) by forest fragmentation. The film is being presented in conjunction with the Kaminando Habitat Connectivity Initiative who advocate for habitat & wildlife protection.

The evening which is a benefit for the participating wildlife organizations starts with a reception at 5 PM in the Callippe Theater Ballroom, followed by the three films and discussions with the experts: Dr. Frances Gulland from the Maine Mammal Center, and Wild Lens President Matthew Podolsky;  Amy Baird from the Big Life Foundation;  and wildlife biologists Milton Yacelga and Kimberly Craighead from Kaminando

One night. Three impactful films & provocative conversation. Tickets are $25 and include the beer and wine reception; proceeds from the evening go to the three participating wildlife organizations. Book now at