"Shrek the Musical" at Throckmorton Theatre

Ahh, Shrek. The not-so-jolly green ogre that propelled several things back in 2001 — movies that were entertaining for both kids and adults as well as the tidal wave of Mike Myers and all the terrible accents that followed (see: “yeah, baby”, “get in my belly”, “that’ll do, Donkey,” etc). But did you know that the Canadian master of disguise wasn’t the initial pick to voice Shrek? That would the late Chris Farley. In fact, Farley voiced the first movie and Myers was brought after Farley passed. It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the part at this point for better or worse (I’m already starting to get exaggerated Scottish shouts stuck in my head,) but there’s no denying the staying power of this blockbuster franchise.

The Throckmorton’s shows will feature some of the most talented adult and youth actors in the Bay Area along with all the songs from the film: ‘Overture,” “Big Bright Beautiful World,” “Story of my Life,” “The Goodbye Song,” “Don’t Let Me Go,” “What’s Up Duloc,” “I Know It’s Today,” “Travel Song,” “Forever,” This Is How a Dream Come True,” “Who I’d Be,” “Entr’act,” “Morning Person,” “I Think I Got You Beat,” “Ballad of Farquaad,” “Make a Move,” “When Words Fail,” “Morning Person Reprise,” “Build a Wall,” “Freak Flag,” “Big Bright Beautiful World Reprise,” and the finale “This Is Our Story” and “I’m a Believer.” It’ll surely be a show you won’t forget.

If You Go:

When: August 7 through August 16, dates and times vary

Where: 142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley

Cost: $14-35