The Art of Co-Living in the Bay Area [sponsored]

While co-living isn’t an entirely new concept, it’s not exactly the communes of the past either. Whether the impetus for co-living is as an alternative to the housing crunch, the desire to fold aspects of the culture of the tech industry into one’s home-life, or just a group of friends that want to share the community-living they’ve fostered at places like Burning Man, co-living is gaining momentum in the Bay Area.

Co-living is a new take on an idea that been around for a long time: living together. But, it is focused on living together with intention and purpose. Co-living is particularly attractive among millennials that value things like openness, sharing, and social networking. In a co-living home, people are not just sharing space, but skills, resources and responsibilities.

So how does it work? Typically, individuals or a household will have their own small private suite, but share much larger living spaces that include a living room, kitchen and other amenities, as well as instantly being part of a community.

With names such as The Farmhouse, Agape, The Embassy, The Convent and Engine Works, co-living spaces in the Bay Area offer amenities like: a bowling alley, a craft room, a solarium, a music room, and a vegetable garden with chickens. Joint activities include regular community dinners, dance parties, yoga and running clubs. In addition, some locations offer one or more rooms for guests, which creates an ongoing stream of new people to the group.

While much of the Bay Area’s co-living has been happening in urban settings in San Francisco and Oakland, rural settings that are in close proximity to the metropolitan centers are also attractive for co-living arrangements.

West Marin is a prime candidate. While it’s a relatively short distance from San Francisco, it still feels like a world away. Known for its abundance of open space, prolific farms, and cultural uniqueness, the area is attractive for those that want some relief from the hustle of The City.

To create a new co-living space, larger properties, with multiple buildings, and privacy are particularly attractive, especially ones that have the potential to be ‘off the grid.’

Two such properties can be found at SEA DRAGON ESTATE in Bolinas and the CREEK HOUSE in Tomales.

Each includes acreage, privacy and beautiful views but also offers its own set of attributes:

  • SEA DRAGON ESTATE includes a masterfully crafted main house, a 10-horse barn with an upstairs bunkhouse and art studio, a caretaker’s house, plus a stylish studio.
  • CREEK HOUSE is situated along Walker Creek, is totally private and includes multiple buildings. Imagine kayaking from the property all the way to Nick’s Cove in Tomales.

For more information about the Sea Dragon Estate in Bolinas or the Creek House in Tomales, please contact McGuire Agents, Neal Ward at or Glen Williams at