The Fairmont Gets Kids Moving

Under the “Big Companies Doing Good Things for Small People” category, I just came across an email from the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, a world-wide luxury resort group that is proving their dedications to kids programs. The destination resort company has partnered with Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS), the non-profit division of Reebok, to encourage physical fitness. The curriculum is based on Harvard research conducted by Dr. John Ratey who states in his bestselling book that “exercise is the single most powerful tool we have to optimize the function of our brains.”

They are piloting a 45-minute group activity for their young guests at Fairmont San Francisco, Claremont Hotel & Spa, Fairmont San Jose and Fairmont Newport Beach. Not only will they be exercising and meeting fellow guests (making new friends), they will be given an healthy snack by the various chefs of each property. If it’s successful they will be rolling out to more properties in 2017…stay tuned.