Toad Fish Gallery in Sausalito Showcasing Local Artists

"Moon Bush Radio" by Rick Begnaud.

Toad Fish in Sausalito? Well not anymore. They have mysteriously disappeared, but a gallery has opened in downtown Sausalito in their honor.

Toad Fish Gallery is a new fine art gallery in the heart of Sausalito’s old town at 686 Bridgeway. The gallery opened in March of this year and is committed to showcasing abstract and contemporary art by local artists, a nod to this waterfront community’s thriving artist colony.

Over 25 local artists are featured, including work by Rick Begnaud, Kay Carlson, Christopher Chaffin, Dana Draper, Deb Inman, Darcy Sears, just to name a few. Well-known and emerging local artists are showcased, representing a myriad of genres —paintings of all sizes, mixed media with paper, photography, sculpture and jewelry, ceramic pieces and wearable art.

Almost all the artists represented have studios at the ICB building in Sausalito and since these studios are not always open or easily accessible, Toad Fish is a terrific opportunity for local artists to show work in a venue that gets lots of foot traffic in the center of town. What better souvenir of Sausalito’s beautiful and charming community than a unique piece of local art that a visitor is not likely to find elsewhere?

What is a Toad Fish?

According to the gallery’s literature (and legend), the Humming Toadfish has a face only its mother could love and once flocked to Sausalito in the thousands, looking for love, or at least, a good time. Apparently they were rather noisy creatures croaking like toads every night in a perfect A-flat. This cacophony floated over summer evenings in Sausalito for years and then suddenly stopped.

“Our gallery honors this noble creature, and hopes to be as much a part of Sausalito’s vibrant cultural scene and character as our namesake: we celebrate love, nature, and above all, Sausalito, by featuring local contemporary artists,” says gallery owner Taryn Hoppe. Kudos to Toad Fish for supporting our local artists. The Gallery is open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.