Well-Traveled Second Homeowners Enjoy It All [sponsored]

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

For the affluent, having fun often means being with family or friends enjoying a variety of experiences in many different places in a single year. Making that a reality without the hassle of renting or owning several properties, and without compromising on quality, authenticity or a high level of service, is at the heart of the shared ownership vision. As Camilla McLaughlin articulates so well in her recent article, “Thanks for Sharing” published in Unique Homes in September, the Private Residence Club is an exceptional solution. Link to entire article below.

Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square is a shared ownership property and recognized as the “Best Private Residence Club in North America” by US News Travel. It offers so much more than an easy and comfortable escape for locals and distant travelers.  Some might say that it is the best kept secret in the Bay area since it is the only Private Residence Club of its kind in San Francisco.

Our owners, believe it or not, are primarily from the Bay Area because of the convenience for quick and luxurious stays in their city Pied-a-Terre, providing a no hassle experience.  Drop your luggage with your butler and jump into the owner chauffeured house car for an evening of theater, dining or shopping.  When returning, nestle into your cozy two or three bedroom residence or enjoy wine by the fire on the notable and private Mustard Terrace with spectacular Bay views. Now, imagine taking your home away from home here in San Francisco and replicating that experience in destinations all over the world. Residence Club owners from the Bay area, Rebecca and Dan, share a personal story and fond memories of their ownership experience.

“We have made extensive use of the Reciprocal Use Program.  It is incredibly simple – you just send an email with your request.  We've traded two weeks a year for the last seven years.  We've done everything from a private sailboat in the Caribbean to skiing at Whistler right before the Olympics.  Literally every time our accommodations have been amazing. We've been lucky enough to have the Princess Grace suite in Quebec, which included two bedrooms and two turrets, as well as the corner penthouse suite at Lake Louise. When they opened the curtains to show us the view my knees literally went weak.  This year we are heading to the Plaza in New York for Thanksgiving.”

Unique Homes, “Thanks for Sharing” article.

For more information or a personal preview of Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square visit Fairmont Ghirardelli or call 415.292.1000.