Whale Watching at Point Reyes Lighthouse

Marin Convention and visitors bureau

This weekend offers the best opportunity to witness the gray whale migration

According to the National Park Service, this weekend is ideal to experience the majesty of the annual southern gray whale migration, as it is when the peak number of whales are usually seen heading through the waters off the Bay Area. Jutting 10 miles into the Pacific Ocean, the Pt. Reyes Peninsula offers a prime vantage point to spot approximately 15,000 California gray whales on their 10,000-mile journey from the cold waters off Alaska down to the warm, shallow waters of Baja, California.

This ranger-led program lasts 30 minutes, and is held at the Point Reyes Lighthouse Observation Deck. You will learn about their habits and adaptations. This program is held outdoors, so, please be prepared for windy and damp conditions.

If You Go:

Weekends late December through April

1:30 p.m.

Meet at the Lighthouse Visitor Center at Point Reyes Lighthouse


NOTE: Due to high volume of traffic out to the Lighthouse, visitors may be required to ride a shuttle bus from Drakes Beach (1 Drakes Beach Road, Inverness). On the day you plan to attend the program, call 415-464-5100 x2 x1 to find out whether shuttles are operating. More info on the shuttle bus system may be found on the Winter Shuttle Bus System page.

This event is held outside so please be prepared for cold, windy weather.