What’s Hot: Jonny Moseley Is In the Sports Bar Business!

What's Hot: Jonny Moseley Is In the Sports Bar Business!, Marin Magazine, Moseley’s Spirits & Sports


About a year after opening Tamalpie Corte Madera, Karen Goldberg shifted gears, partnering with local Olympian and “Happiest Guy Alive” according to Outside Magazine, Jonny Moseley to open Moseley’s Spirits & Sports in the same central Corte Madera spot. Now it’s a casual sports bar offering more food options (still including pizza), almost any bar game one could imagine — pool, bag toss (also known as Cornhole in every other county), shuffleboard, liar’s dice and even Hammerschlagen— an outside beer garden with a fire pit, and no fewer than 11 flat-screen TVs.


How did this happen? 

“My wife and I were [Tamalpie] regulars and loved the idea of creating a space that we would both want to hang out in together or with friends,” Moseley says. That meant, for him, adding enough TVs so people can watch a game from anywhere in the bar, and for his wife, Malia, a menu of healthy and tasty food. Liar’s dice was on her list too, as was food service available until midnight on weekends. Moseley has brought in a few of his own touches, including a “buy your friend a drink” board similar to one in Squaw Valley, a turkey chili recipe from Deer Valley, his dad’s rum Manhattan recipe, and a blonde ale from his brother’s Rugged Coast Brewing.



After a raucous opening party on April 20th, they are open for business. Here’s a very amateur video, but gives a good read on the crowd, including Hooman from Alice Radio, and John Lyman, who’s team, Fans of Bacon, won the first annual softball match against Jonny’s team, Moseley’s Mayhem and Susan Hauser of NOW Yoga’s front row crew.



I’m impressed with how quickly they pulled this off. I met with the two of them in late March as they were still making plans. Here’s what I learned… there will be games, lots of games and “food my wife would eat,” says Jonny. “That’s what will set us apart, we’re a sports bar with really good food.” When I selfishly asked about pool (a skill, I’ve been working on), Jonny’s eyes lit up! “How many tables can fit?” he asked Karen. I’m not sure who came up with the color, but the two snazzy red pool tables are sure to be popular.


What did Jonny add to the menu?

I’d say his personality. Drinks. How about a Spa in a Glass, $13 which includes my favorite vodka — Hanson Vodka — cucumber, fresh lime juice, coconut rim. A true Tiburon kid would add Tinsley Heat, Tequila, chili infused agave, lime, Togorashi rim. His brother, Jeff’s, ales are also on the menu. And his dad’s Manhattan recipe. Bulleit Bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters, Luxardo cherry. And he promised in that March meeting, a Cobb salad with a poached egg, and it’s on the menu as Poachers Cobb along with some Tamalpie favorites such as Bangin’ Brussel Sprouts, same recipe, fun new name. Chef Evan Chandler is in the kitchen, but Johnny’s Marin upbringing combined with Karen’s culinary sensibilities shine through.


What to expect?

Aforementioned games.
Corn hole tournaments.
Trivia nights.
2 Happy Hours. 5–6 and 10–12 on weekends.
Late Night Menu served until Midnight Monday – Saturday. If you are not from Marin, this qualifies as breaking news.

Photos by Susan Adler Photography.