Whole Foods Market and Instacart Launch Grocery Delivery in Marin [sponsored]

Whole Foods Market and Instacart are making grocery shopping easier and more convenient with online and mobile shopping at delivery.wholefoodsmarket.com. Skip the trip to the store and have that ice cream brought to your door!

  1. It’s easy to order. Just visit delivery.wholefoodsmarket.com, enter your zip code and start shopping.
  2. There’s an entire section of deals. You’ll find discounts here on everything from organic hot dogs to quinoa, ice cream, leafy greens, and protein bars (selection changes weekly).
  3. The price is the same online and in store when you order from Whole Foods Market. So, you’re not paying more for the item when you order on Instacart.
  4. Instacart lets you save your grocery lists so your basics are covered every time. There’s also a huge database of recipes embedded in the site in case you want some inspiration. You can add ingredients to your list directly from the recipes, too.
  5. When you’re ready to check out, you can specify where and when you want your groceries delivered. Delivery can be available in as little as an hour.
  6. Instacart also allows you to review your order and suggest replacements. You’ll get a notification if something was out of stock and your shopper had to make a replacement. You can also chat directly with your shopper if you have any questions.
  7. Your first delivery is free! After that, delivery fees start at $5.99, depending on the delivery window, amount of your order, and how busy a time it is for the shoppers. You can also purchase a $149/year annual Instacart Express membership* and receive free delivery on any orders over $35 that are scheduled for 2-hour delivery or longer.

Bonus: when you order from Whole Foods Market online, it’s easier to stick to your list. Whole Foods Market stores are full of delicious distractions in the produce department, at the cheese counter… oh, the samples! But sometimes you’re in a hurry, trying Paleo, or sticking to a strict budget. And while you love those Humboldt Fog samples, they’re not there to tempt you when you order online.

So this is the best of both worlds: Whole Foods Market’s top quality products with the speed and convenience of Instacart, all provided with exceptional customer service. Give it a try.

*Instacart Express membership must be purchased at Instacart.com. Membership is valid at Instacart.com and delivery.wholefoodsmarket.com.