Vanessa Lovegrove: An Illustrator Who Lets Her Imagination Run Wild

Vanessa Lovegrove

Vanessa Lovegrove (@vloveg) beautifully captured our July 2022 “Aging Well” issue theme with her cover illustration, as well as the art for the “Women, Sex & Aging” feature. Before she became a freelance illustrator, she worked as a children’s book designer for a number of years and developed a fanciful aesthetic and love for characters and developing a narrative. Here, she shares how she got her start and where she finds her inspiration.

Marin Magazine (MM): What inspired your work for the July issue of Marin Magazine?

Vanessa Lovegrove (VL): “For the article, I was inspired to subvert the typical expectations of an older woman’s sexuality by placing her as a renaissance figure in a flower, which is imagery often reserved for young women, to say she is still blossoming and beautiful. I took that approach to vitality in my design for the cover, too — I wanted to highlight the myriad reasons why Marin is a great place to age.”

Vanessa Lovegrove Aging Women and Sexuality

MM: How did you get interested in illustration?

VL: “I’ve always enjoyed drawing ever since I was little, but it wasn’t until I was about to head to college to study graphic design that I understood I could use that passion in a professional context.”

MM: How would you describe your artistic style?

VL: “Playful but considered, with a love of character and texture and a little hint of the surreal.”

MM: What other illustrators or artists inspire you?

VL: “I’m inspired by a lot of contemporary illustrators such as Jon Klassen, but I also love midcentury design and illustration. Working with limitations such as using only a couple of colors makes for very interesting work.”

MM: Where has your work appeared/been published?

VL: “My work has been published by Women’s Health, Apartment Therapy, Atlassian and Omnia magazine, to name a few.”

MM: What are your goals going forward?

VL: “I’d love to be able to continue working with the variety of clients I get to work with around the world, and if time and money allow it, I’d love to be able to develop my art further at an artist’s residency.”

MM: What is your best advice for others pursuing a career as an illustrator?  

VL: “Keep making work, and more specifically, keep making work that you enjoy. Don’t be shy to share it to others either — feedback is so important for growth, and the more eyes you can get on it the better!”

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