A Look into the June Issue

June marks a few firsts here at Marin Magazine. It’s the beginning of our distribution to San Francisco, our first annual Ultimate Guide to Summer (pull-out supplement) and our first video teaser for our issues.

The issue: With a nod to Fathers' Day we introduce you to the father and son duo of Real Restaurants, Bill and Tyler Higgins, feature a never-before curated Father’s Day roundup of local Brewmasters their favorite ales and what their dads would drink and suggest a few choice things to do on this usually sunny weekend. Writer Nate Seltenrich shows us how to make the most out of drought-resistent gardening with a rare peak at a 100 year-old garden in Belvedere. Ever want to be a Viking? Or just spend the longest night of the year with one? Check out Lynda Balslev’s Midsummer Night, a 101 on how to have an authentic Summer Solstice BBQ here in the Bay Area. Have you recently snapped a selfie on the Golden Gate Bridge? Check out Tim Porter’s essay – and see if he caught you.

In Destinations, our new Tahoe blogger Nicole Cheslock shows up in print with her take on Tahoe’s Top 12 and in Journey, we decided to do something a bit different. It all started with intriguing Facebook posts from Justin Everett, executive chef of Murray Circle, a few months ago as he traveled through France and Spain. I found myself clicking through dozens of his photos loosing myself in ancient French markets. Fast forward to our June issue, and we’ve got his personal account of the culinary adventure. The phrase ‘don’t quit your day job’ doesn’t apply to Justin – he came up with phrases like:

  • "Another dish, their version of potato, ham and eggs, starts with a potato chip sphere paying homage to a lusciously soft poached egg, its brilliant orange yolk ready to deliver nuggets of crispy ham draped over the chip."
  • "The palest of pale blue ceilings matches the staff uniforms, which the marketing material aptly describes as 'fifties air stewardess meets Givenchy meets Star Trek.'"
  • And for the grammar geeks out there – Dan Jewett, our managing editor, reminds us that when using AP style, the “m” in Bloody mary is not capped and macarons are to macaroons as a croissant is to cresent roll.

The Ultimate Summer Guide: This year we decided to put all of our ‘must dos and must eats’ into one pull out issue that can last throughout the summer. Social Media Manager, Kirstie Martinelli, curated six pages of ‘fun-won’t-stop’ adventures in June, July and August. Frequent contributor Stephanie Martin pulled together suggestions on where to bike, hike and camp, six ultimate day trips for different types of people and finally, my favorite, the Marin Bucket List, illustrated by Tiburon’s Stephanie Orma

The video:  This is a work in progress. Thanks to our digital content editor Leigh Walker, she is literally bringing us into the digital age with our own YouTube page and now vibrant social media channels.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the June issue as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. And, as always, send us your thoughts.

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