Behind the Scenes at the 2015 Tastemakers Photo Shoot

For the opening spread for the 2015 Tastemakers feature we wanted to have little fun. Hence back in September we came up with the idea of duplicating the Last Supper with our own ‘star’ chefs. Doubtful we could get at least 12 chefs/restaurateurs to show up to my house –to pose in my dining room, we were happily surprised by the quick positive responses and made a date.  Here’s what I sent to everyone:

We have the date and time: November 18 at 2pm and we have the photographer, Lori Eames. We are looking forward to this and are grateful for your participation! 

Here’s the rest of the info: 

Dress: Please wear your chef coats -if you don’t wear/have one, please wear something chef like, as in an apron etc.  

Shoes: while the painting shows the guests barefoot (foot washing etc.) we are thinking we will keep shoes on.. 

Positioning: We are pretty loose on where people will be sitting-but once you take the seat, we will encourage you to mimic the painting. If there is a fight over the Jesus position, Jared Rogers was the first to respond so we’ll let him take this spot. Also as of now we have more than 12 who said they could make it -so we will wing it and have more people at the table/ and perhaps some standing. This will be our artistic interpretation. And above all, this is meant to be fun — you will be in the company of many great “last supper” parodies, The Simpsons, Star Wars etc -but we think the Marin Tastemakers will be the best!  

If I don’t hear back from you by Monday afternoon –  I will track you down to make sure you don’t forget. 

Surprisingly everyone (except one) showed up on time and ready to pose. Jared Rogers of Picco had secured his position as Jesus by being the first to respond to my email. Frank Villa of Marinitas took the spot of Judas, Carol Levalley of Rustic Bakery was Mary Magdalane and Sebastian Lowrey of Piatti secured a spot on the end, in conversation with his former chef, Todd Shoberg of Molina. Also, thank you to Boudin in Corte Madera for providing the grape bread and rolls for this fun shoot.

Photographer Lori Eames was unflustered by the fact she had to be out on the our deck and didn’t have much wiggle room to get the shot. Veronica Sooley, Leigh Walker and myself did our best to keep the chefs true to position. All in all a great experience – and now are open to ideas for next year. Check out the gallery below for an abundance of behind the scenes photos.