January Issue of Marin Magazine

The New Year started with a sprint here at Marin Magazine. We returned from the holidays and had a week to finish our biggest February issue yet. Now that it's almost done… I can tell you why our January issue is so great. 

Starting with some of the best healthy resolution kick starters we've ever published. Healthy Cooking; in Lynda Balslev’s Winter Roots (love the art direction by Veronica Sooley on this one), Balslev offers easy –straight-from-the-farmers-market recipes, my favorite is the Spicy Root Fries! And then Piatti's talented chef, Sebatian Lowrey shows us how to cook a delicious salmon and cauliflower dish in Flavor.  Cleanse; three Marin health experts share their tips for a healthy liver.  Apothecary: Tim Porter had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Eden Clearbrook of The Garden of Eden, a healing center in Point Reyes, with over 175 remedies for life’s ailments.  Renewal Retreats; need a quick fix? I had the hard task of researching nearby spas. You're welcome. I found some great getaways that are sure to help you get your groove back. Exercise; if you are looking to get into shape, we’ve asked fitness expert Leigh Claxton to give us some of her favorite ways to burn calories around the county. In Travel Buzz, we share a new website by Sausalito's Geoff James, that will keep us all SUPing and a retreat in Sayulitas lead by super SUPer Jen Fuller. And finally, Stephanie Martin talks to three Marin ultra runners about how and why they do what they do.

On the topic of romance, Calin Van Paris took over my usual duties of interviewing couples and writing up their stories for our annual wedding issue, and made it look way too easy. This just means she's on for next year;) We also have an extensive wedding guide to help you find the best venues, caterers etc. The wedding that made the cover is that of Somer Tejwani (formerly Flaherty), who still writes for us, and this month penned the Appellation department. I especially loved Laura Hilger's Backstory this month, because it not only featured the super Simpson family of Mill Valley, but also their inspiring story of not giving up on a dream home. Calin also started a new home style section, with gorgeous sleek and modern furnishings. Jim Wood wowed us with his list of a dozen inspirational Marinites and then in Looking Back a 'where is this?" great photo of the Sausalito Railroad

All this great content … and then, the huge glaring typo. UGH! Somewhere deep in my mind I decided (or my chubby fingers rested too long on the "L" key) that in this month's Q&A, Bill Petrocelli should be spelled with three "L"s.  Bill is kind, he's my neighbor and co-owner of Book Passage and most importantly, recent author of Circle of Thirteen, and tried to make me feel OK about it. For the record, Bill's last name is Petrocelli. Two L's. 

Enjoy – and as always please send us your feedback!