Let's Be Social

Since becoming the Digital Content Editor here at Marin Magazine a little over a month ago, I've spent a majority of my time getting the existing social media accounts dialed in.

What can you get by following our social media accounts? Well to sum it all up, there is a ton of exclusive content that isn't featured in our print or digital editions. We highlight our most recent blog posts which cover a variety of topics throughout Marin County and beyond.

That being said, I just wanted to let you all know which social media accounts we have up and running and what type of content you'll find there.

Let's begin:

We are always posting great content on Facebook. This includes special promotions, featuring new restaurants, posting about special events going on in Marin and more. You'll also find links to our stories from the latest print issue, photo albums from Hot Ticket and other events and posts utilizing the hashtags #WhatToWearMondays, #NewInTownTuesdays, and FoodieFridays, which helps showcase local fashion, new businesses around Marin and where to get some fabulous food over the weekend.

Our Twitter (@MarinMagazine) account is growing so rapidly it's hard to keep track of everything. Thank you to the over 3,000 followers we have. We promote as much content as we can, including blog posts, articles, dine out certificates and promotions. We follow new users that engage with us and interact with our current followers.  With Twitter, we get to see what other events are going on around Marin County and have the capability to showcase it by re-tweeting it so it shows up on our profile, which in turn, provides you all with even more information about things going on throughout Marin and the Bay Area.

Who doesn't love Instagram? We are snapping photos of restaurants we go to, holidays, cool things we see on the streets of Marin County, our staff here at Marin Magazine and sneak peeks of upcoming issues or events. We have 293 followers and we want to see that number grow and you can help by using the hashtag #InMarin and tagging @marinmagazine. In doing so, you might just be featured on our Instagram.

Pinterest is super addicting. I use it personally and am constantly on it, pinning, sharing, liking and commenting for Marin Magazine. We've got an abundance of great boards including: Wedding Resources, Travel Buzz, People of Marin, Exclusive Online Content, Spring Fashion Trends and much more. Be sure to follow our Pinterest boards to be updated when we add new things to them. We like to follow people and other companies that pin unique, cool, "Marin-centric" things, too, so your pin may show up on one of our boards.

Google + is still brand spanking new –– at least in my book –– and I've honed in our Google + page. You'll find a link to our YouTube channel, which will be updated with great videos about places to go and things to do and see all throughout Marin County. Additionally, you'll gain access to posts that aren't featured on other social media accounts, photo albums of events and you will be able to see which companies we follow and find interesting. Be sure to +1 and follow our page to have the latest updates sent to your news feed on your personal profile.

While LinkedIn is a professional social networking website, we are still active on it and update our company page on a regular basis. It is usually a mix between content from our latest issue and blog posts and some promotional items. Be sure to follow our company page to get updates.

That's our social media snapshot for you all. I hope this bit of information helps you decide which of our social media accounts to follow (or you can follow all of them!).

Thanks for reading!