8 Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To

It takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes to drive from the northernmost point of Marin (Tomales) to the southernmost (Hawk Hill). Sure, most drivers don’t take this route on a regular basis, but it shows how big Marin actually is.

Whether you’re commuting from Terra Linda to the city or Fairfax to Novato, chances are you spend a good amount of time in the car. What do you listen to? With ipods, ipads, iphones and I don’t know what else, the radio might seem outdated to some, but it’s very much alive and well.

Here are eight local radio stations you should program into your car.

Alice 97.3 (FM)

For: all ages

I wish I could tell you who Alice is, but I don’t know. Luckily, it doesn’t matter. This is my favorite radio station hands down. During the week, Sarah and Vinnie host the morning show from 5:30 – 10 a.m., during which they hilariously discuss news and celebrity gossip. The station also puts on two concerts in Golden Gate Park – Summerthing and Now and Zen – and they usually feature big-name artists like Gavin DeGraw, Alanis Morissette and Train. The music is described as “hot adult contemporary,” meaning classic hits and mainstream tunes.

KMWR 90.5 (Point Reyes)/89.9 (Bolinas) (FM)

For: West Marin residents, adults

Funky. This station is an audible extension of the tight-knit sense of community found in West Marin. It’s locally owned and operated and features an eclectic variety of shows, music and programs.

KNBR 680 (AM)

For: sports fans

Stuck in traffic during the ninth inning of a Giants World Series game? As unfortunate as that may be, turn your radio to AM 680 for play-by-play announcements. As the flagship radio station for the San Francisco 49ers and the Giants, KNBR is your go-to for sports games, updates, news and more. The morning show “Murph and Mac,” featuring Marin resident Brian Murphy, is also popular.

KCBS 740 (AM)

For: news buffs

Whenever I’m in the car with my dad, this is what’s on. If you need to know what’s happening in the Bay Area with the news, sports, health and weather, tune into KCBS 740.

KFOG 104.5 (FM)

For: rockers, adults

Love rock? This is the station for you. Playing blues, reggae, folk, pop and rock from the mid-1960s to the present, it’s a one-stop-shop for rockin’ out (with the convertible top down on the drive to Stinson Beach, perhaps?).

KREV 92.7 (FM)

For: teenagers to young adults

I hope this radio station sparks a revolution – 55 minutes of commercial-free music every hour. Say what? When my other stations are on a commercial break, I flip to 92.7 and it’s a sure thing. It plays current hits from bands like The Lumineers, Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber and Swedish House Mafia.

FROGGY 92.9 (FM)

For: cowboys, cowgirls

Do you wear a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, jeans and a plaid shirt and drive a pickup truck? This station was made for you to blast through your speakers as you rumble across the countryside. It broadcasts from Sonoma, so you might have better reception in northern Marin.

KOIT 96.5 (FM)

For: soccer moms (and other adults)

After driving with my mom for the first 16 years of my life, KOIT’s gentle tune set to their tagline “light rock, less talk” will forever be engrained in my brain (see, I can rhyme, too). Tune in if you’re looking for a smooth, stress-free ride.

Have I missed your favorite? Let me know!