How You Can Help Bring Coffee to the Troops

Coffee for soldiers

While you probably won’t see a Green Beans Coffee cafe unless you are overseas on a U.S. military base, you also might not know that this international operation, spanning 10 countries and founded by two brothers (Jason and Jon Araghi), is run out of a small office right here in San Rafael. That said, you can still buy a cup of the company’s “joe” for $2 — you won’t get to sip it, but it will be received by a soldier overseas. Purchase a cup of coffee via the website and jot a personal email to a GI; both freshly brewed coffee and message will be randomly delivered to a soldier for pickup at a Green Beans cafe on base. Since the Cup of Joe program was launched 10 years ago, nearly 2 million cups have been served and the Facebook page has attracted some 750,000 fans and followers. A percentage of money from every sale is donated to organizations that support American troops, Gold Star families, and children.

This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition with the headline: “A Cup for GI Joe”.