Bay Area’s Next Generation of Peacemakers

SF Mission Protest

17-year-old Simone Jacques, alongside her friends and community, sparked the San Francisco Solidarity Protest from Mission High School to the San Francisco County Jail on Wednesday, June 3. Reporters estimated the protest attracted between 12,000 to 20,000 people of all different ages and backgrounds from across the Bay Area.

Golden Gate Bridge Protest

Despite meeting mere days before the event, 19-year-old Mimi Zoila from Marin and 17-year-old Tiana Day from San Ramon initiated the protest that crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday, June 6. Although they initially expected a few hundred protestors, thousands arrived to peacefully march across the iconic landmark.

Larkspur + Caravan Protest

13-year-old Alex Srinivasan, who attends Kent Middle School, initiated the protest in Piper Park on Friday, June 5. The protest gained additional participants as members of the 300-car caravan traveled from Novato to Marin County Sheriff’s Office substation in Marin City, organized by the Marin branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice, connected with the group.

Novato Downtown Protest

Almost 300 people participated in a protest through Downtown Novato that was started by 28-year-old Jessica Ndiritu. She wanted to create a local option for protesting, so with the support of her community, Ndiritu organized the march from City Hall and down Grant Avenue on Thursday, June 4.

Oakland Protest

Xavier Brown and Akil Riley, both 19, organized the protest on Monday, June 1 from Oakland Technical High School through Downtown Oakland with the help of their community and other young organizers. An impressive 15,000 people attended to march and listen to speeches.

How to Help

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