Care About the Wild

If you’ve ever come across a lost baby bunny or injured squirrel, you might have been to WildCare’s campus across from Albert Park in San Rafael. Barely visible from the road, passersby might be curious to know what actually happens behind that tattered gate. WildCare’s mission is to teach the public how to coexist with wildlife, advocate for better protection of wildlife and nurse animals back to health. Here are a few things you might not know about WildCare – and facts that might encourage you to donate or, at the very least, appreciate this altruistic organization.

  • WildCare is the only center for wildlife rehabilitation in Marin County
  • The organization treats as many as 4,000 ill, injured or orphaned wild animals in its Wildlife Hospital annually
  • Each year about 350 volunteers donate around 39,000 hours to treat wild animal patients and teach Bay Area schoolchildren
  • WildCare offers many environmental education programs, including the monthly WildCare Family Adventures, a free program led by naturalists in various locations around Marin to discover butterflies, flowers, birds and more
  • Bird feeding in the courtyard pool occurs every day at 12:30 and 4:30 and everyone is welcome to watch

So when you’re rushing to your next errand, slow down. Say a friendly “hello” to the nesting egret hopping along the San Rafael bayfront and the song sparrow perched on the fence!