Editor’s Letter: Optimizing THIS Life. It’s Not a Dress Rehearsal

IF YOU’VE BEEN READING Marin Magazine for at least a year, you know that our county consistently earns the top spot in the state for both longevity and health stats. The main factors attributed to this success are community, access to both open space and healthcare. Throughout the past 20 years it’s been an honor highlighting the people who personify these stats, like Marty Griffin, the OG Rebel with a Cause, who just left us at 104. We can thank him and his cohorts whenever we hike our open trails. Anna Halprin, who passed away at 100, was featured as a dance teacher going strong at 93, and of course, we wrote about my favorite lunch buddy, Bill W. Jones, who published his first book at 93, about being the first single man in the world to adopt a child.

It’s not just Marin, as a nation we are living longer, smarter and with more vitality. This is noted in the new book, Roctogenarians, written by the adorable and wise, journalist CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, Mo Rocca, featuring inspiring interviews with humans who are going strong in their eighth decade.

But, he missed a few good ones, including our own Jim Wood, who at 88, leads the GreenTeam in Tiburon, a hard-working group committed to beautifying the local streets and open space. If you’ve strolled along the benches, railroad ties and wildflowers of Trestle Trail, overlooking Blackie’s Pasture, that was also this group, with Jim leading the charge with his weed whacker in hand. In this issue, he dives into the California Forever proposal on the ballot this November. While I personally would oppose the project, Jim, the uber-optimist, drove up to Solano County to interview Jan Sramek, the CEO and visionary, to learn more about the project.

Speaking of towns with a heart, this issue Calin Van Paris, our Portland Oregon stringer and Mill Valley native has written a love letter to her beloved town, built around a saw mill and named by John Thomas Reed, who showed up back in 1826. After what felt like years of road construction on Miller and East Blithedale, downtown Mill Valley is open and as vibrant as ever. Take a look for yourself, the businesses will be thrilled to have you. Throughout the next year and beyond, we will be taking a deep dive into all the towns. If you have anything to contribute regarding your favorite town, please send us a note at [email protected].

Jyzen with Mimi
Rucking with Mimi

Finally, as editor of this beautiful magazine for nearly two decades, one would think I would have absorbed all there is to know about cutting edge health hacks. Sadly it takes more than reading about these offerings; you gotta do them. In a continual effort at beating the clock, in the last six months, I have rucked with a group of friends in Tennessee Valley, and worked on getting my VO2 Max at Jyzen Labs, where I hope to learn more about my body chemistry, metabolism, and use their cutting edge equipment. I have also gotten hooked on Rootless seaweed snacks — my daughter Grace introduced to me awhile back. I was happy to see this product and others featured in Christina Mueller’s story on the health benefits of this abundant and sustainable source of nutrients harvested right here in Marin.

We hope you enjoy this issue, as much as we have enjoyed the process of getting it to you. See you on the trails – and if you’re carrying that rucking backpack, an extra high five.

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