Learn How Your Family Can Save for the Future With College Cash Solutions

College Cash Solutions helps families, and especially high-income earners, reduce their college costs. College has become the second highest expenditure today — second only to buying a home. What’s worse is that most families unknowingly use financial strategies that actually increase their college costs.  

Here are a few examples:  

  • 529 plans can increase college costs by decreasing a student’s chance to receive scholarships. 
  • Grandparent 529 plans can destroy the ability to receive college grants. 
  • If your student saves for college, their money decreases their ability to receive scholarships by 400% more than if that money is held in the parents’ name.  
  • Your company’s value, if structured correctly, can be shielded from financial aid formulas.   
  • The appraisal method used for your home or rental real estate structure can increase or decrease your college costs.   

There are hundreds of college cost-reduction strategies that may apply to your family, making college much more affordable.   

College Cash Solutions helps families from all income levels. We help you to make sense of the college process and secure funding so that you can comfortably pay for your child’s four-year education, save for retirement, and enjoy your family and your life, all without spending your life savings.

We are financial planners, licensed counselors and experienced college negotiators who help families to find the best college fit for their student, comfortably pay for their college of choice, keep their current lifestyle and, last but not least, retain retirement savings.

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We work with families to complete FAFSA and CSS Profile forms required to receive financial aid; analyze and recommend student and parent assets and income to get the Expected Family Contribution to its lowest possible level; and design a tax-favored, budget-minded way to pay for the remaining EFC.

Contact us at www.CollegeCashSolutions.com for an assessment. During our initial meeting we ask many questions and let you know if there are any strategies that will help reduce your college costs.  Just mention “Marin Magazine” and your initial meeting fee will be waived.  

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