Treasuring Childhood at Marin Primary & Middle School – Why It Matters

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When Marin Primary & Middle School (MP&MS) was established in 1975, its founders envisioned a school where childhood would be treasured, where learning would be relevant, and where students would thrive personally and academically. Since that time, MP&MS has brought this vision to life by providing an innovative educational journey that nurtures students’ social, emotional and cognitive development throughout their formative years.

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In the 46 years since its inception, MP&MS has experienced extraordinary growth and transformation. Yet the concept of treasuring childhood has remained at the core of its mission and identity. Now more than ever, as families continue to navigate the ongoing complexity of the pandemic, this value of this has never been more compelling. While the race to grow up seems to be accelerating, the simple yet profound art of celebrating childhood may be the greatest gift young minds can receive. Children thrive when they are encouraged to be curious, when they feel seen, and especially when caring adults nurture and support them on this journey.

marin primary

MP&MS treasures childhood by creating programs that help children lean in, engage and create bonds with students and teachers alike. Through programs in art, drama and music, as well as specialist programs such as Projects Lab, Exploration Lab and Tree School, unique learning takes shape. Students create, perform and become inspired. 

On any given day at MP&MS:

  • The magic of Tree School unfolds with specialist teacher Dylan as he engages preschoolers in exploration while they discover the wonders of Marin’s outdoors; 
  • Projects Lab teacher Ferenc helps kindergartners learn the safety protocols of using tools, or reflects with fifth graders on the environmental impact of our daily lives; 
  • Drama comes alive with specialist teacher Tarryn, who helps students tap into their creativity and expression, connect with empathy and communicate effectively. 

At MP&MS, treasuring childhood means making space for kids to feel safe, to be met where they are on their individual journey, and to embrace the magical moments that spark learning and growth. Through hands-on learning that bolsters a strong academic curriculum, MP&MS students emerge well-prepared as 21st century thinkers who have the confidence to take risks and meet challenges in the next chapter of their educational lives. 

Come explore at Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are due on Jan. 21, 2022. 

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