The Faces of Marin 2020: Local Businesses That Make Our County Great

In 2020, supporting local business is more important than ever. With the pandemic creating challenges they couldn’t have imagined, our local businesses need all the help they can get. Below, we celebrate some of the best of Marin and Bay Area’s local businesses.

Marin’s Small Business Owners Share Their Struggle to Cope With the Latest Pandemic Shutdown

Maguire’s Irish Pub

The sign posted on the front door of Maguire’s Irish Pub in Petaluma pretty much says it all: “We Don’t Know What the Hell We’re Gonna Do.”  

It’s a sentiment shared by many Marin business owners, as well as those across the Bay Area. With the third shut down enacted on December 8 by Marin County officials, which preemptively and voluntarily adopted the state of California’s mandate ahead of schedule, it’s the last straw for many business owners who say they simply cannot endure any more. 

Faces of Dental Health, Beauty and Wellness: Dr. Frances Yankie, D.D.S.

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Kelly Haechler, RDH, Vanessa Arellano, Reception, Rosa Macias, RDA, Frances H. Yankie, DDS, Felicia Martinez, Office Coordinator, Anne Charles, RDH, Anaiza Monteiro, RDA

Welcome to the practice! We are proud of our boutique dental establishment in one of the oldest Victorian buildings, surrounded by redwoods, in the heart of downtown Mill Valley. With our cozy candles, chandeliers, fountain, classical music, aromas of soothing, anti-mircrobial essential oils… a unique spa-like Marin experience. All the while surrounded by top-notch, state of the art dental technology.

It has taken Dr. Yankie, hundreds of hours of study to incorporate the latest, and most conservative methods of sustaining her prime directive, which is taking care of her patients by healing and preserving. Dr. Yankie is on her third-generation cad cam lab, Cerec, to produce same-day, conservative crowns, onlays and veneers. She uses an iTero scanner for digital impressions for Invisalign, retainers, and night guards.

Since 2007, Dr. Yankie has been passionate about providing Invisalign to her patients. This has earned her an Invisalign Gold Plus designation. In addition, she is the President of a team of 38 AACA Dentists, and sits on the Board of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA). Dr. Yankie just added the most advanced dental laser available, the Fotona LightWalkerTM, to her practice. It treats gum disease and can even remove decay without numbing. With her laser, she can desensitize teeth, relieve facial pain, help eliminate snoring, improve sleep apnea, naturally plump lips and stimulate collagen improving facial esthetics. The laser is extremely effective at treating sensitive teeth and facial pain.

This laser is a great addition to other services that she offers à la carte, such as: Bleaching, B-12, Botox for masseters and, (per your request!) more esthetic zones soon! Dr. Yankie focuses on individualized, advanced patient care in a relaxing environment. Her entire career she has focused on enhancing her patients’ health and wellness. Coupling genuine caring with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, she continues to benefit everyone touched by her practice.

239 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA


Wanna Get Away? Fortunately, Local Bookstores are Serving up a Dose of Escapism

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

It’s summer, and we’re four months into a shelter-in-place existence that’s showing no signs of abating any time soon. Old calendar notifications and iPhone photo memories create easy mental pitfalls that go something like, “I should be boarding a plane to Japan in 30 minutes,” or, “This time last year I was on a beach in Spain.” Given that a US passport is only valid in a couple dozen places around the world at the moment, those kinds of trips are the things of dreams right now. Luckily, you can still venture out without getting off the couch in your mind.

We checked in with Luisa Smith, buyer at Book Passage, for her top literary picks to help transport you into a different world. Read more.

Faces of Designer Flooring: Debbie, Kate and Nicole, Architectural Design Carpets

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Debbie, Kate and Nicole, Architectural Design Carpets

Debbie Duering, owner of Architectural Design Carpets, has been a leader in the Bay Area flooring industry since 1990. Kate Googins, ADC’s COO, has been with the company for over 15 years; Kate is a passionate team player but also a natural problem solver. Debbie and Kate work hand-in-hand with the Bay Area’s top interior designers, architects, and realtors on residential and commercial properties. These women keep up-to-date with the industry’s top flooring trends ranging from carpet and hardwood to custom rugs and commercial flooring. Using a woman’s ingenuity Debbie, Kate, and Nicole, constantly thinks outside the box and their attention to detail is not only a level of standard at Architectural Design Carpets but part of their creative nature.

When it comes to investing in flooring for any project, no matter how big or small, the foundation of your home starts with Architectural Design Carpets.

1111 Francisco Blvd East, Suite 3, San Rafael, CA


Shop Local This Holiday Season: Where to Buy Toys in Marin and the Bay Area

If the pandemic has benefited anything, it’s the behemoth known as Amazon, whose stock is currently trading at around $3,163 per share. They are taking a big bite out of the mom and pop shops who are struggling to survive. That’s why it’s important we remember to support the little guys this holiday season.

There are plenty of wonderful, independently owned businesses offering goodies that will make your kids scream in glee this holiday. Let’s support them this year — and frankly, every year. Because small business makes the world go ‘round. Read more.

Faces of Payroll Workforce Solutions: Leslie Ruhland, Accuchex Payroll & Insurance Services

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Leslie Ruhland, Accuchex Payroll & Insurance Services

Payroll plays a critical role for every business. Since 1990, Accuchex has been privileged with the responsibility of paying people correctly, and on-time, every pay cycle. Leslie Ruhland is a Marin County native and is the EVP of Accuchex Corp. Headquartered in Novato for 30 years, Accuchex is the largest independent payroll company in the Bay Area. “One of my favorite things”, says Ruhland, “about working with companies’ payroll is that no matter the size or industry, our friendly and knowledgeable staff adds value, and in doing so, we become part of our clients’ adventure.” Accuchex provides innovative workforce solutions with web-based Time2Pay, blending “Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch.” Accuchex supports employers with one to thousands of employees nationwide. Accuchex appreciates that Payroll remains at the center of our daily lives and the fabric of our communities. During this challenging business environment, we are glad to be a resource to our clients as they navigate the fall out and recovery of Covid 19. Supporting employer clients with the reports and data for PPP loans, remote workforce management and returning employees with worksite safety compliance posters.

365 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, CA

415.883.7733, ext 110

[email protected]

Good Morning, San Anselmo!: Staysea Colteaux Supports Fellow Small Businesses in Daily Instagram Posts

They almost always begin like that — they, being the daily Instagram posts Staysea Colteaux, owner of Dogville in San Anselmo, has been sharing since the start of shelter-in-place. So if you’re ever unclear on how long we’ve been in this, check out her @dogvillesananselmo account. As of print time we’re on day 200-something. Following the greeting, which is screamed a la Kimberly Guilfoyle, Colteaux launches into a fervent and often profanity-laced call to action — to come out and support San Anselmo businesses. “I didn’t think I’d be doing this 200 days later,” says Colteaux over the phone. A third generation native of San Anselmo and 13-year business owner, she talks about how even prior to Covid-19 local businesses had been struggling due to the likes of Amazon and other online stores. “They want to put small business out of business,” and she’s fighting like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Faces of Concierge Matchmaking: Cassie Keim, Innovative Match

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Cassie Keim, Innovative Match

Cassie Zampa-Kiem is a renowned dating and relationship strategist, author, speaker and coach. She is the founder and CEO of Innovative Match, a national relationship-services firm.

One of the industry’s leading experts on dating, Cassie has worked with thousands of singles over the past three decades. She’s been named one of the World’s Top Matchmakers (UK Dating), written for and been featured in leading media publications and is the author of the acclaimed “Finding Love After 50.” One of the early pioneers of using online dating with clients, Cassie draws the latest technologies to service clients.

Cassie launched Innovative Match to deliver a 21st century approach for helping clients to realize their relationship goals. Cassie offers a holistic, data-driven roadmap for transforming clients’ dating lives, drawing upon technology expertise, psychological training and work as a dating and life coach as well as a dedicated heart.

Ross, CA


Black Is Beautiful: Local Breweries Join the National Movement to Brew for Good

After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Marcus Baskerville, founder and head brewer of Weathered Souls Brewing Company in Austin, TX, wondered what he could do to help. 

Enter the “Black is Beautiful” beer collaboration. What started as a single beer recipe has become a collaboration of more than 1,000 breweries across the country to help raise funds for police brutality reform and to increase awareness of the daily injustices faced by the BIPOC population.

Dozens of California breweries have signed on to lend a hand and brew their own version of the Black Is Beautiful stout and to donate 100% of proceeds donated to a deserving nonprofit. Each brewery is encouraged to take the basic recipe and get creative with it, so that each brew showcases one of the many different shades of black and brown that a beer can take.

The Face of Sustainable Investing: Patrick Costello, CFP®, Founder of Green River Sustainable Financial Planning

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Patrick Costello, CFP®, Founder of Green River Sustainable Financial Planning

There is a low-carbon revolution sweeping the world, particularly in energy, transportation, construction and finance. However, many financial firms are slow to offer guidance to their clients about adjusting their investment strategies to benefit from this secular trend. Consequently, investors risk being left behind. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager just wrote: “The evidence on climate risk is compelling investors to reassess core assumptions about modern finance,” and declared his firm would be launching funds that shun fossil-fuel oriented stocks.

Patrick recommends replacing S&P 500 Index tracking funds that have significant exposure to fossil fuel stocks with green, low-carbon funds, and believes failing to do so means leaving money on the table. Green River is a high-touch boutique investment firm accepting clients interested in lowering their portfolio carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. ($1,000,000 account minimum).

321 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo


[email protected]

Also check out our Future of Sustainable Investing webinar featuring Patrick Castello, on how to reduce your carbon footprint while growing your portfolio.

Faces of Trust and Estate Litigation: Epstein + Holtzapple

Experience. Integrity. Solutions. These are what set Epstein + Holtzapple apart.

This highly specialized area of law focuses on conflicts that arise when a loved one dies, or is still alive but is unable to manage their finances. “We meet clients when they are grieving the loss of a loved one and are involved in a lawsuit. Guiding clients who are experiencing such challenges allows us to connect with them on a deeper level, which is incredibly gratifying. Zealously advocating for our clients in court also brings us great joy,” attests Robyn Christo, one of the firm’s attorneys.

With decades of combined experience as trust and estate litigators, the attorneys at Epstein + Holtzapple have built their reputation not only on their deep knowledge and legal skills, but also on their ability to guide clients with empathy through the tumultuous experience of being embroiled in a family conflict. The firm’s approach typically results in the formation of authentic and lasting relationships with those whom they represent.

711 Grand Avenue, Suite 230, San Rafael, CA


The Face College Savings: Gary Sipos, College Cash Solutions

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Gary Sipos, College Cash Solutions

We help families reduce their college costs. Did you know 529 plans work against your obtaining scholarships and grants, and grandparent owned 529 plans reduce awards five times as much? If you own a home or a rental property they can be excluded as assets thus providing more scholarships and grants for your student. There are hundreds of non-intuitive rules that will increase the amount of scholarships and grants your student may be awarded for college. Many families deserve scholarships and grants but fail to receive them by not deciphering the thousands of pages of the Department of Education Codes.

We have read them, know the rules, and will help you maximize the amount of scholarships and grants your student can receive for college.

College Cash Solutions, based in San Rafael since 2010, has helped hundreds of families. Let us help yours. Contact us at and book a meeting to find out how we can help you Reduce Your College Costs.

4040 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200, San Rafael, CA


Faces of Marin’s Local Businesses: California Pacific Orthopedics

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