All About Choix

There are many companies on the market that offer samples of beauty products – from box subscriptions to point redemption programs, there’s something for everyone. But none really offer the ability to completely customize and choose the actual samples you receive. Choix is a female-run beauty startup trying to change that and give customers the chance to pick and choose samples from luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, and Nars (many of which usually don’t participate in the sample programs).

Sure, you could go try these brands out at the makeup counter, but with all of the germs that live in those samples there is no way I’m trying a lipstick or eyeshadow on my actual face. And I’ve definitely made the mistake of thinking a color was perfect on the back of my hand, but I get home to find out it’s completely wrong for me.

Choix packages the samples themselves, making sure everything is germ-free and packaged to perfection. I couldn’t get over how adorable the box was that everything came in, and all of the products were clearly labeled. Your first box from Choix also comes with a full set of makeup brushes to keep so even if you don't have the correct applicator at home, they make sure you're covered.

Sample boxes are available in 3 different subscriptions:

– "Love" (3 samples) $15/month

– "Lust" (5 samples) $20/month

– "Lavish" (7 samples) $25/month

Of course the point of sampling products is to ultimately purchase a full-size of your favorite, and that’s where the incentive to shop at Choix kicks in. Based on what subscription you purchase, you will get a certain amount of credit towards one of the products you sampled that month. Since I tried the "Love" box with 3 samples, that means I would get $3 off one of the products if I ordered it. And these samples just might have convinced me I need to use that credit.