Nextdoor Brings Social Networking Home

Neighborhoods are shaped by the people who inhabit them. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced world keeping up with one's neighbors can seem a daunting task.

Enter Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a social media platform dedicated to creating a stronger sense of community within small geographic areas, making a neighborhood more than just a series of streets and familiar houses. The site is free, and allows neighbors to communicate easily and effectively about the things that matter—from organizing a garage sale or finding a trustworthy babysitter to reporting a break-in or discussing emergency response plans.

There are currently 88 Nextdoor sites in Marin County, with thousands of residents signed up and taking a stronger interest in their community. Heather McPhail Sridharan of Laurel Grove is one such member. McPhail Sridharan created a Nextdoor site for her neighborhood because she believed it would be an efficient way for moms in her play group to communicate, but what started as a website for moms with young kids quickly turned into a vibrant community site with over 300 members. 

"With our Nextdoor site, we're able to discuss issues that affect us all and get immediate feedback from fellow neighbors in a private and secure setting," says McPhail Sridharan. "Last October I posted something about organizing a Halloween parade for the neighborhood kids, and asked whether anyone had any concerns before proceeding further. Not only did I get immediate positive feedback, a neighbor whom I'd never met graciously offered to host a party for all the kids after the parade. Before Nextdoor, there would be no way to efficiently and quickly solicit feedback from our neighborhood."

Nextdoor allows neighbors who have lived in a given locale for decades to reconnect, and gives new neighbors an opportunity to feel invested and integrated in their community.