The End of Traditional Toll for the Golden Gate

Tired of scrambling for six bucks every time you want to head to the city? Well, apparently so was everyone else, because the days of paying cash to cross the Golden Gate officially ended on March 27.

Implemented instead is a new, all-electronic system, with a variety of payment options.

The most popular (and recommended) option is FasTrak, which allows you to pre-pay, with toll being deducted each time you drive south into San Francisco. Bonus: FasTrak is the only way to get discounted toll rates. 

If you don't visit the city enough to justify a FasTrak account, the good people of the Golden Gate suggest a license plate account. When set up with a credit card, the card is simply charged each time you cross the bridge. The last proactive move you can make is the one-time payment, which can be made online, over the phone or in person. If you are feeling lazy and choose to do none of these things (for shame!) don't worry—a toll invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of your vehicle after you pass through the toll plaza, with no added fees.

Here's hoping that southbound traffic will decrease in a major way. But remember, even though you don't have to stop, do slow down when driving through the plaza. After all, a little traffic is always better than an accident.