Inspiration From Our Team — Mother’s Day Thoughts, Plus How to Support Good

We asked our team members who the most inspirational women in their life, and universally they nominated their moms! Here’s what they had to say.

Leah Bronson, Publisher

Leah Bronson

“My mother and her identical twin sister have dramatically affected my life by melding our two families together as one — which has allowed me (an only child) to understand the importance of family values: Sharing, teamwork, love, and appreciation of non-materialist things.”

Sharon Coleman, Senior Media Consultant

Sharon Coleman

“A woman who has made a positive impact on my life has been my mother.

My mother may have been small in stature (barely 5’2 – if that) but she had a large presence. She taught me to trust in God, work hard, aim high, give of myself to others and most of all be kind. Her sage advice has never steered me wrong.”

Lesley Cesare, Media Director

Lesley Ceseare

“My mom has absolutely been my lifelong inspiration on being kind in the world. She got it from my grandmother.”

Lotus Abrams, Editor in Chief, Marin Magazine

Lotus Abrams

“My mother, who has taught me how to be how to be a kind, compassionate and hardworking person, has been a lifelong inspiration to me. My grandmother, a Jewish woman from Poland who traveled by boat with her older brother to the United States at age 11 to start a new life here, also taught me the value of perseverance.”

How We Help Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs

Marin Magazine’s parent company Make It Better Media amplifies fundraising, philanthropy, and volunteerism using our powerful online, print, and events platforms. We’ve always prioritized harnessing the internet’s power for good to help our affluent, educated, philanthropic audience help others. We’ve worked with thousands of nonprofits since then, too. Nonprofits who collaborate with Better raise more money, awareness, and other support. Here are some of the ways you can work with us to give back:

Free Opportunities

You don’t have to have a big budget to achieve broad reach and impact. Better offers a number of opportunities to get your message out that don’t cost a penny.

1. Philanthropy Awards

Every child deserves a good education, adequate health care, and a safe, loving home. Every adult trying to overcome difficulties and succeed in life does too. Our Philanthropy Awards identify and amplify the most effective nonprofits helping to achieve this. Learn more about our Philanthropy Awards and nominate your favorite nonprofit here.

2. Event Partnership for qualifying nonprofits

If you are interested in an Event Partnership with Better, click here to learn more about what is included and how to be considered.

3. You Said It article and 1-5-10 Amplification Strategy

Better’s You Said It section features letters and op-eds sent in from readers using our 1-5-10 Amplification Strategy. Watch this video to learn more:

4. Inspiration from articles

Get inspiration from those in our community and globally generating incredible social impact

5. Recommendations for easy ways to make a difference.

Give time, things, or support to deserving organizations vetted by Better.

6. Better Makers post-event article

Our Better Makers section highlights local events that raise money for important causes. Find our submission guidelines here.

7. Events Calendar

Send us your events to be included in our online calendar here.

8. We Teach You How to Raise More Money

See our strategy in detail here. We’d love to hear how it works for you and encourage you to send your success stories to us at [email protected].

Partner Opportunities

1. Better Giving Circle

Our $1,000 Better Giving Circle is a supercharged version of pooled philanthropy and impact; it uses the internet’s power to connect and amplify and expands your personal network to help your cause. Learn more here.

2. $10,000 Matching Grant Platform

Because we celebrate and nurture philanthropic collaboration, we welcome the opportunity to help promote matching grants of at least $10,000. Beneficiaries of this opportunity report extraordinary success too. Please see examples here and submit your inquiry here.

3. Signature Event Sponsorships 

Better hosts three signature events annually: Money, Values, Impact; Philanthropy Awards; and Best of Celebration. Join us as a sponsor at one of these signature events to earn:

  • Guaranteed enhanced brand image and brand awareness
  • Ability to shape consumer attitudes and buying attitudes
  • Help generate a positive reaction of your brand to our audience
  • Brand recognition at specifically targeted niche markets
  • Make contact with potential buyers and customers
  • Promote “word of mouth”
  • Create positive publicity and heightening visibility
  • Differentiate from competitors/own more marketshare
  • Recognition as a true supporting to the community
  • Surround your brand with other high-caliber sponsors

We also welcome inquiries about creating additional signature events on your behalf. Pricing available upon request. Please call 847-256-4642 for pricing and more information.