Be Free with GFF: The Ultimate Gluten Free Guide

Gluten Free Forever Magazine

There are always a few hot-button terms floating around in the world of food. Some of the ones currently dominating conversation and sparking debate include sustainable, non-GMO, farm-to-table and gluten. Well, lack of gluten, specifically. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that gluten is also the subject of one the newest magazines to come out of the Bay Area. Erika Lenkert, a San Rafael resident and the founder of GFF (Gluten Free Forever), became intolerant to the wheat protein in 2001, but didn’t let this development stop her from creating recipes for Every Day with Rachael Ray, reviewing restaurants, authoring cookbooks and writing for numerous other media including Food & Wine and the Food Network. Currently, GFF is the only national food magazine out of San Francisco and Marin, with a distribution of 250,000 copies. For gluten-free recipes and tips on how to craft a tasty gluten-free diet, visit