Best of the County

WELCOME. For the last eight years, the August issue has been synonymous with Editors’ Choice, in which we highlight facets of Marin that make our home such a remarkable place to live. For many of those years, we choose 101 items — a nice number and a nod to our famous freeway. Last year we used a new name, Best of the County, and 2016 marks yet another change. Gone are the days of 101 — this year we are simply homing in on the top people, shops, restaurants, services, activities and gatherings that make Marin so outstanding. Instead of focusing on each town and finding the best burger or kids’ dance class there, we wanted to go deeper and explain why we think a particular pick is worthy of your time and attention. Did we miss something in the following pages? As always, let us know — we love feedback … and we love Marin.

Click on each category below to read which Marin County businesses made our list.