Marie Veronique Organics

CONSIDERING OUR SOCIETY’S growing preoccupation with what we put into the human body, it’s only natural that our focus should turn to what goes on it as well. That’s the theory of former chemistry teacher Marie Veronique Nadeau, who founded Marie Veronique Organics (MVO) over a decade ago in Berkeley, after a fruitless hunt for a skin care line offering ingredients and results that were up to her standards. Nadeau’s science-and natureminded products quickly attracted a strong local following and were soon discovered by Mill Valley resident and marketing professional Hillary Peterson — now CEO — who helped launch the brand nationally. In 2012, MVO opened its first and only storefront in Mill Valley.

PHILOSOPHY “Intelligent Ingredients” serves as MVO’s tagline as well as its overriding goal. “So often, we find ourselves explaining that although our products are safe and organic, first and foremost they deliver results,” says Peterson. “Bottom line, we do not need to use toxins in order to transform aging skin.” Nadeau collaborates with her daughter, physicist and biomedical engineer Jay Nadeau, when choosing ingredients. THE SCOOP MVO’s lines include mild cleansers and oils the skin can absorb directly, without additives. “Our customers love our Pacific Face Oil, made with seed oils and marine antioxidants to replenish the top layers of aging skin so it can retain moisture,” Peterson says. And when it comes to skin protection, Nadeau espouses the same wisdom that has been passed down for generations: “Wearing sunscreen every day, from sunrise to sunset, is the most important antiaging measure you can take.” BEYOND MARIN The majority of MVO fans shop online, but the storefront has become a mecca for followers of the brand. “When you have a store and your products work as well as ours do, it’s fun and fulfilling to see customers come back with a glow and so much gratitude,” Peterson says. WHAT THEY SAY “At some point, we all look in the mirror and discover that we are indeed aging,” says Peterson. “As a melanoma and thyroid cancer survivor, I find it means a lot to me to grow a company that is making a real difference without unnecessary exposure to toxins. So many women are surprised to learn that our natural products actually work better than others they’ve tried.”