A Future for Marin’s Foster Kids


Through no fault of their own, children of all ages and backgrounds come into the child welfare system needing a safe place to call home. Here in Marin, approved resource families (foster parents) are giving back to the community and changing lives by providing a secure, nurturing environment until a child can be reunified with his own family. If reunification is not possible, a resource family’s home can become a child’s permanent one through adoption or guardianship.

Marin County’s Children and Family Services created FosterOurFutureMarin.org as a recruitment effort to raise awareness of the need for more of these families, as well as provide an application platform for them. The goal is to develop a diverse pool of families so kids and homes can be thoughtfully matched. Right now the biggest challenge is providing Marin County homes for teens, especially girls ages 15 to 17. When there is a shortage, children have to be placed outside the county, away from friends and current schools. For information on how you can help, including steps for becoming an approved resource family, visit fosterourfuturemarin.org.