Are Insects the Next New Health Trend in the Bay Area?

Bitty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Summertime is synonymous with warmer temperatures, vacations and thoughts of dieting. Whether it’s going gluten free, doing a juice cleanse, eating only raw foods or giving Paleo a shot, people are willing to try all kinds of things if it equals weight loss. But for those who are a little more adventurous and forward thinking, we have a suggestion: cricket flour. That’s right, cricket flour. Not only are crickets packed with micronutrients and healthy fats, but they’re also one of the most sustainable and water-efficient sources of protein on the planet. Still not sold on the idea? The people at Bitty Foods have made the concept a little easier to digest. The insects are roasted and then milled into flour, which is used to make high-protein cookies and baking mixes, and it all started here. “Our business partner, Tyler Florence, is based up in Marin and so the Tyler Florence Test Kitchen is where we actually do all of our recipe development,” says co-founder Leslie Ziegler. The products are grain-free, made with coconut oil instead of dairy, and contain no processed sugars. They’re also a great choice for another specific group, says Ziegler: “We actually have a lot of vegetarian customers, simply because they have such a hard time getting protein in their diets.” It’s for reasons like these that many feel insect-powered foods could be the next big trend. According to a recent report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, edible insects may be the key to stabilizing the global food supply. If you’re up for the challenge, Bitty Foods products are now available at Woodlands Market in Tiburon and Kentfield.

Bitty Foods