Got an App For That?
Two Marinites have added to the library of applications for the iPhone. Mill Valley resident Mitch Waite has engineered an Apple iPhone application, iBird Explorer, equipped with everything from expert bird info and identification help to hand-drawn illustrations, and bird songs to play aloud from your phone. Just make sure you get service.

Ross resident and Ross Valley Players board member Ron Severdia, who is behind, has created Shakespeare, an app that is downloaded up to 8,000 times per day and is on almost 600,000 iPhones (half of which are in the U.S.). This month a performance will be held at the S.F. Apple store, using iPhones and iPods as script guides for the actors.

All Aboard…
Just northeast of Hawaii floats a pile of garbage, twice the size of Texas, known as the “Plastic Vortex.” Marin local Mary Crowley, along with Doug Woodring and Redwood High School alumnus George Orbelian, is on a simple mission: to sail to this North Pacific gyre, study marine debris and determine how to capture, detoxify and recycle the waste into diesel fuels (okay, not that simple). Follow the crew’s trek online with interactive video messages and updates.

October Honor Roll! 
Congrats to Peggy Knight Solutions a leading provider of hair prostheses for medical hair loss (photo at left) for being selected for the 2009 Best of Sausalito Award in the Wigs, Toupees & Wiglets category by the U.S. Commerce Association. Audubon Canyon Ranch has just been awarded a grant from the Marin Community Foundation for habitat restoration at its Bolinas Lagoon Preserve. Congrats Mill Valley Philharmonic on its 10th Season!

Fashion Rx Belvedere resident and ophthalmologist Lillie Mosaddegh has bought the U.S. rights and brought French apparel label Cop-Copine to Union Square in San Francisco. This season’s line comes in a palette of grey, black and purple and transitions from workwear to out on the town. 343 Powell St (SF). 415.989.9035

Roses are Red…
Would you like a poem with that massage? Yup, you heard right. Fairfax’s Frogs Hot Tubs now offers the service of being serenaded with poetry by local bard Trevor Wedge while you indulge in a relaxing massage or hot tub soak.