The Local Contemporary Art Organization

IF YOU’VE BEEN in Inverness’s downtown Plant Park recently you’re probably familiar with the steel structures that occupy it. The sculptures weren’t placed there by the city, however, but instead by a nonprofit arts organization as a part of a project called Parked Art. The organization, Art Contemporary Marin, provides the county with exhibitions, events, and publicly placed art and supports artists and their work. The featured pieces will remain in the park through October and include John Bucklin’s “Daffodil” and HJ Mooij’s “Triangle.” Art Contemporary Marin keeps a list of artists willing to lend work for presentation in publicly accessible locations and will be presenting an outdoor sculpture exhibit at the Falkirk Gallery this summer.

HJ Mooij’s “Triangle”


John Bucklin’s “Daffodil”

This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “Local Fixtures“.