O Christmas Tree

The way people adorn a Christmas tree says a lot about them. Do they monopolize the activity to ensure their aesthetic vision comes to life? Or is it a group activity where everyone pitches in? Both versions have their merits, but one aspect of the tradition people tend to agree on is that chopping down your own tree trumps all other means of acquisition. Fret not, these businesses are sustainable enterprises. Once you choose a tree and cut it down, the farmer will replace it with a new sapling to harvest in a few years. Also, while trees are growing on the farm, they create habitats for other living creatures and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Regardless of where you get your tree this season, be sure to log on to zerowastemarin.org to find out how and where to dispose of it once the celebrating is done. Visit marinmagazine.com/treefarm to find a complete list of local, sustainable tree farms.