Probation Help from the County

Marin County receives large grant to help expand restorative justice services.


In September of this year the County of Marin received a large grant to help expand restorative justice services.

Restorative justice helps offenders take responsibility for their wrongdoings, make it right for those hurt or affected, and engages the community in helping both the victim and the offender. The program acknowledges that those convicted need healing as well.

Another benefit is the possibility of more case resolutions outside of courtrooms. The probation department, the district attorney’s office and the public defender’s office all collaborated on procuring the three-year $439,515 grant. Research shows that restorative justice reduces recidivism, saves counties money and results in positive outcomes for those directly involved.

New legislation in California is expanding the role of restorative justice, and the grant will help Marin’s probation department meet the new goals set by the state.